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About Giselle

Giselle always had a love of supporting people with their physical wellbeing through massage.

For Giselle massage offers a very intimate communication with our innermost being. As Giselle practices it, the intricate and delicate nature of the human anatomy is accessed through an honouring and deep care. In this quality the language of the body can be heard and attended to by responsive loving hands, allowing full restoration and expansion for the being within that body. Anything that falls outside of the exquisite workings the body naturally moves, shows itself immediately as an interruption to its natural flow, and is worked with. This is the fine art and healing quality of massage.



while it could be said Giselle’s love and fascination for the study of human anatomy had once first begun at the easel in life drawing class it had really been initiated upon receiving her first leg massage at the age of 10. The benefit that the warming and loosening of tissue has toward the tension and ache of physically fatigued muscles made a lasting impact.


Since 2001 Giselle has worked professionally in array of well renowned multi award winning luxury Day Spa’s and holiday accommodation. She also works with the Age Care community supporting with holistic massage care.


“It is a genuine joy to work with people and their bodies. I am constantly in awe of how massage transforms and nurtures the being. It is a forever expanding study to witness the human body release tensions and replenish itself via this healing artform. To be of service to this science is an effortless dedication that is my life’s work.”     

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