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Relaxation Massage supports you to claim a space for yourself to deeply rest and rejuvenate. We often don't consider the impact that everyday stress and tension has on the body.


When we start to get used to being tense, we start to operate in a state of tension as our 'normal'. A relaxation massage can give you the reset you require to create a marker of what true stillness and ease can feel like in the body. From there you can take that marker back into the day to day situations that would normally arise stress and tension and meet them instead with a depth of settlement that can allow for more flow in your life, despite its busyness and various demands.


The purpose of the massage is to support your body to deeply let go and rejuvenate. With remedial massage there is a more targeted approach to support with tension or injury.

Relaxation Massage gives the massage therapist a general overview of how your body is doing and where tension is held, which can then be addressed. It is a massage that is also designed, as its title would suggest, to give you the space to simply relax.

How to prepare for your session:

  • Wear comfortable loose clothing for ease of preparing to get on the table.

  • You will be asked to undress to your underwear for the massage.

  • You will be draped with towels to ensure any parts of the body not being massaged stay warm and supported. In the colder months heated towels are provided for your comfort.

  • Warmed eye pillows may also be placed on specific parts of the body to support you to deeply relax.

  • Make sure you hydrate well after your massage and if you feel to rest, rest or if you feel like activating your renewed vitality with a walk or activity that is also encouraged. Listening to your body is key.

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