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The Bodywork Giselle offers draws on her experience working with people with a vast array of ailments and conditions. From this understanding and by reading the nuances of the body in front of her Giselle is able to provide a deeply intuitive session that is also highly practical and responsive to the requirements of your body and state of being.


A bodywork session is recommended for the client who is looking for the steady assurance that a great massage brings to the body while also looking to go deeper to understand the underlying energetic predicaments that lead us to move our body in a way that ultimately causes the stress or tension that then presents as the ailment requiring physical attention.


Equal parts pragmatic and physical as well as potentially revelatory, Giselle holds a space that allows you to experience a massage that unlocks the deeper held layers of patterns that may be holding you back in your day to day experience.


The approach is non-imposing and allows your own unfoldment the extent to which is always determined by you. You will be given the opportunity to nominate any issues you might like to address at the start of the session, or, you can simply enjoy the massage and let your bodies tensions release as the massage unfolds.

How to prepare for your session:

  • Wear comfortable loose clothing for ease of preparing to get on the table.

  • You will be asked to undress to your underwear for the massage.

  • You will be draped with towels to ensure any parts of the body not being massaged stay warm and supported. In the colder months heated towels are provided for your comfort.

  • Warmed eye pillows may also be placed on specific parts of the body to support you to deeply relax.

  • Make sure you hydrate well after your massage and if you feel to rest, rest or if you feel like activating your renewed vitality with a walk or activity that is also encouraged. Listening to your body is key.

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