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 A homage to the humble foot

Our feet can easily get taken for granted and yet they take the load of our whole body weight with every single step we take! When we care for our feet it gives us pause to check in with our whole body and how we are walking and moving. Often people are surprised by just how rejuvenating and supportive a foot treatment can be.


Giselle's Foot Spa treatment is a way to let the body completely unwind, all through getting some tender loving care for their feet.


The session starts with a foot bath with Epsom salts and essential oils.

There is a brief time soaking / cleansing followed by a bespoke foot scrub and exfoliation.

This is followed by a deluxe foot massage while you lie on the massage table to allow you the space to deeply relax and enjoy the full benefit of the treatment.


Sessions are 30 minutes in length as an add-on to another treatment.

Or 45 minutes in length when booked as a stand-alone treatment.

How to prepare for your session:

  • Wear comfortable loose clothing for ease of preparing to get on the table.

  • You will be draped with towels to ensure any parts of the body not being massaged stay warm and supported. In the colder months heated towels are provided for your comfort.

  • Warmed eye pillows may also be placed on specific parts of the body to support you to deeply relax.

  • Make sure you hydrate well after your massage and if you feel to rest, rest or if you feel like activating your renewed vitality with a walk or activity that is also encouraged. Listening to your body is key.

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